Pentagram Unleashes A Tirade Against Corporate Jargon . . . In A Rap Video

There’s a plague afflicting offices around the world and we’ve all heard its symptoms: ideation, creavation, low-hanging fruit, and blue-sky thinking. It’s corporate jargon—and it needs to die. But there’s hope: Pentagram is crusading against all the cliches and doublespeak, first by skewering corporate jargon in its 2014 holiday card and now in a new rap video.

Marina Willer and Naresh Ramchandani, partners in Pentagram’s London office, designed the original card, aptly titled Gamechanger.

“We originally published Gamechanger as an epic poem, a kind of anti-jargon Odyssey or Aeneid, a seven-verse entreaty to all agencies and execs who habitually assault the English language with their business buzzwords,” Ramchandani writes about the video’s genesis. “But when it came to making a video, we realized that epic poems are so two millennia ago and that maybe a bit of H.O.V.A would work better than a bit of Homer. And so our rap video was born.” Drew Bierut (son of Pentagram partner Michael Bierut) directed the video, Ngozi Myke stars as the Gamechanger, and Pentagram commissioned the backing track from Jesse Hackett, a solo artist and touring member of the Gorillaz.

So the next time a colleague talks about “the elephant in the room,” politely send him this.DB