This Office Brought A Mini Forest Indoors

Indoor plants aren’t just about gussying up a sterile cubicle. Numerous studies have shown that greenery is a potent way to boost workers’ mood and productivity. In Talinn, Estonia, the architects at KAMP took this notion to heart in their transformation of a factory into the offices of Lenne, a children’s clothing brand.

Instead of walling off rooms in the sprawling 11,850-square-foot space, KAMP built what it calls a grown-up playground. A faceted, multi-story wood structure houses offices, conference rooms, a kitchen, and lounges. Amid the gorgeous furniture, oversized lamps, and slick finishes lies the real show stopper: a stand of 15-foot-tall trees. “We have created a room that makes you feel as if you are in a bright summer forest, regardless of the season outside,” the architects say.

Full disclosure: the trees are real tree trunks festooned with artificial branches and leaves. Regardless, the sylvan office is sight for sore eyes.

[via Frame]DB