The 22 Best Photo Essays Of 2015

From geoglyphs in Kazakhstan to gun-toting ladies in Texas

Here at Co.Design, we cover photography that transports you to other places and offers fresh perspectives on the built environment. We’ve talked to photographers who have spent years documenting their subjects, traveling the world or assimilating to a subculture so they could show it to us. They’ve captured grown women who mother hyperrealistic dolls, mysterious “geoglyphs” discovered in Kazakhstan, and alleyways in Hong Kong that double as storage units. Their images prove that despite an onslaught of technological advances aimed at rethinking visual narratives, good old-fashioned photography remains one of the most powerful tools for telling stories. Here, we give you our favorite photo essays from 2015.


About the author

Meg Miller is an associate editor at Co.Design covering art, technology, and design.