If Fonts Were People, Here’s How They’d Look

Typefaces are all about expressing personality traits, whether it’s honesty, sophistication, or immaturity. Here to put the face in typeface is Giovanni Isnenghi who has recombined glyphs and symbols of classic typefaces into portrait-like pictures.

In Isnenghi’s hands, Bodoni becomes a sophisticated, martini-chugging dowager; Myriad Pro, a surly, raspberrying upstart. Johnston Underground, used on the London Underground, becomes a stodgy, bowler-wearing Brit, complete with umbrella and monocle. Garamond is an angry sulker with sacks under his eyes. As for much-reviled Comic Sans? Critics will love Isnenghi’s interpretation here as an idiotic Milhousian figure about to get shot in the face with an arrow.

I’m not sure I think of Garamond as being quite so grumpy, or Myriad Pro so punkish. But that’s the great thing about typefaces: their personalities can be molded to suit the design.

Check out more of Isnenghi’s work here.