What Today’s Rabid Elvis Fans Look Like

All hail the King.

Few fans are as fervent as those belonging to Elvis. Forty years after his death, he still commands a rabid following from people all around the world. Clementine Schneidermann, a French photographer currently based in South Wales, set out to document the obsession in her series I Called Lisa-Marie.

Clémentine Schneidermann

“Most of the fans I met were over 50 years old and have been into Elvis’s music all their life,” Schneidermann told Slate. “He is a member of their family; they usually say that he is a brother and will always be. A lot of people discovered him during their childhood because their parents were listening to him, and I think [that] is a big part of [the] melancholia.”

It’s damn near impossible to distinguish her Welsh portraits from the ones shot in Memphis as the fans share an affinity for the King’s bouffant and attire and unabashedly wear those emblems of his style. (Case in point: to celebrate the musician’s birthday on January 8, thousands of fans gathered outside of Sydney and took a train lovingly known as the Elvis Express to an Elvis festival.) Schneidermann visited conventions and costume contests and was invited into the private homes to view memorabilia collections. Check out excerpts from the series in the slide show above.

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