These Trippy Generative Fabrics Look Like A Pinterest Project Gone Berserk

Designers who use algorithms to generate textile designs have produced some wildly innovative results–from customizable pixelated prints to color-changing garments generated by social media. The Berlin-based studio Zeitguised put its own spin on coded couture with its project, a mesmerizing animated short where textiles slither, dance, and billow to an otherworldly rhythm.

The video starts with a cryptic preface: “Ghost in the shell, dancing the procedural revolution.” We’re plunged into a world where brightly-colored, strangely-textured fabrics move as though an invisible force is trapped underneath and fighting to get out. While that might not sound like blockbuster fodder for a video short, its actually hugely entertaining. The fabrics shimmy along the edges of furniture or bounce gleefully in slo-mo. Iridescent tubes–not unlike those inflatable tube men at the carwash–fall over themselves in fits of movement. At one point, a pile of textile scraps are vividly anthropomorphized.

Zeitguised used CG to animate the fabrics and processing to generate the patterns. “Like a constant metamorphosis, the same sequence gets transformed over and over again,” the designers write in their project description. “At each step, all aspects of the designs are modified, from algorithmic pattern to color scheme to fabric behavior.” The studio is known for its opaque and experimental work–from fictional birds of paradise to bizarre Lexus commercials–so rather than try to make sense of, sit back and let the patterns wash over you.

See more about the making of the video here.