The 10 Most Desirable Airbnb Rentals In The World

It’s mid-January: the cold weather is setting in and tax season is upon us. It’s literally been weeks since our last vacation. There’s never been a better time to start daydreaming about exotic, far-flung getaways and, luckily, Airbnb is making that supremely easy to do. The company has just released a list of its most popular properties, located everywhere from Bali to Rome.

Balian Treehouse with private pool in Bali

The properties are ranked by how often they’ve been put on people’s Wish Lists, a feature Airbnb launched in 2012 that lets users save and share their favorite listings. So these aren’t so much the most booked places as they are the most lusted after, which might explain why they all have a touch of fantasy. Topping the list is a secluded treehouse outside of Atlanta, Georgia, complete with a swinging bridge ($350/night). Then there’s the giant sea-shell shaped resort in Mexico ($249/night) and the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed guest house in California ($95/night). Our personal favorite? A little mushroom-shaped cottage in British Columbia that looks like it came straight out of a storybook ($100/night).

We’ve put all 10 together for you in the slideshow above. So daydream away, but remember that you’re not alone–best to go ahead in put in your vacation time now.