Conductive Paint Turns These T-Shirts Into Awesome Musical Instruments

Kids are already pretty much walking noise machines–but get textile designer Selina Reiterer and architect Constantinos Miltiadis involved, and things only get louder. For the pair’s new project, John Paul George & Me, they designed a collection of touch-reactive T-shirts that can be played just like musical instruments–and despite the noise factor, these things are way too cool to resist.

Here’s how it works: the collection features three T-shirts, one for guitar, one for bass, and one for drums. Screen-printed with electrically conductive paint, each shirt has a simple geometric graphic that loosely depicts its instrument. A removable microcontroller in a pocket in the back of the shirt connects to the shapes via a conductive thread. When the shapes are touched (banged, strummed or plucked) a signal is sent to a connected mobile app via Bluetooth, which plays back the sound in real time.

Even better? Since the sound is actually coming from the device, rather than the T-shirt itself, you can even connect it to headphones. Sounds like you might not have to say goodbye to sweet, sweet silence just yet. John Paul George & Me (it’s unclear where Ringo went) is, unfortunately, not yet for sale. Check out the project in its prototyping phase here.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]