Next In Fancy Office Amenities? A Private James Turrell Sculpture

As competition to hire the best talent heats up, companies are hoping inventive design will help lure employees to their offices. Lounges, recreation areas, and flexible workspaces have become ubiquitous. But how many companies can brag about having their own private James Turrell sculpture? For an unnamed Midtown client, Situ Fabrication collaborated with Turrell on a massive two-story-tall installation that transports spectators into an ethereal, prismatic sea of light.

Situ Fabrication—the construction arm of the Brooklyn architecture firm Situ Studio—has a knack for building the most technically challenging, experimental, and demanding projects around, and deploys a combination of digital and traditional techniques in their work. Case in point: a 3-D surface for an Adidas Y-3 projection-mapping installation, a CNC-milled wall in Google’s NYC headquarters, and a mirrored canopy by artist Teresita Fernández installed in Madison Square Park.

For the Turrell piece, which is named Three Saros, Situ began by producing a 3-D model of the space, which needed to be completely seamless inside. The firm enlisted Laufs Engineering Design for structural design and Art in Construction to build walls, which are made from glass fiber-reinforced gypsum—a high-strength material that’s lightweight and can be manipulated into virtually any shape.

Watch a time-lapse video of the design and construction here:

Once you step inside the immersive installation, you lose sight of the bounds of the structure and become entirely bathed in light, which is the point. Turrell, who has always been a widely respected artist, received an extra jolt of celebrity after Drake’s neon-illuminated Hotline Bling video went viral. Moreover, people flock to his works to take the perfect selfie. No doubt employees will sneak a few snapshots inside. And I’d wager that it will do a lot to ease stress in the office, like an exponentially larger light therapy lamp—Seasonal Affective Disorder, begone.DB