These Mashups, Mixing Classical And Contemporary Art, Are Genius

Davide Trabucco’s Confórmi series began as a way for the Italian architect to manage his visual references. When he comes across an image that reminds him of another image or artwork, he splices them diagonally in half, fits the two halves together like puzzle pieces and archives them on Tumblr.

It’s a simple idea, but the cleverness comes in Trabucco’s execution. In a still from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope Darth Vader’s lightsaber seamlessly becomes a glowing Dan Flavin piece. A nude Eve Babitz playing chess against Marcel Duchamp in Julian Wasser’s iconic photograph is replaced by a stone-faced Marina Abramovic during her 750-hour performance piece The Artist Is Present. In an image mashing together a Dolce & Gabbana ad with an ancient Hellenic sculpture, a sultry model lounging on a boat gets a sculpted marble lower half.

In most of the images, a contemporary artwork is juxtaposed with a classic sculpture, piece of architecture or painting. Perhaps they’re a comment on art and originality? “The subtitle, ‘Forms don’t belong to anyone,’ aims to underline that artists and their works are independent,” Trabucco writes in an email. “What we produce no longer belongs to us the moment we present it to the world.” In that case, copyright be damned–Marina, meet Marcel.

Check out our slide show above for a selection of the images, or visit Trabucco’s Tumblr here for the full archive.