• 01.26.16

New York’s High Line Finally Living Up To Trippy Namesake

A glowing, kinetic sculpture on the High Line transforms a pedestrian bridge into the ultimate trip.

Visitors to the High Line, an elevated park on old train tracks in New York, are in for an illuminating treat. Because along a pedestrian bridge leading into Chelsea Market lives a new, kinetic sculpture called Prismatic_NYC.


Originally inspired by Trivision billboards, which consist of rotating triangles that swap in new ads as you drive by, the ceiling-mounted sculpture consists of 66 moving prisms and 40,000 LEDs all working in tandem to interpret local weather data–including cloud cover, wind speed, and humidity. But let’s be honest with ourselves: That’s just a brief talking point before going slack-jawed and staring at the rippling abstraction–or yelling at the gawking tourist who is standing still right in the middle of the walkway. I mean, c’mon!

Prismatic NYC was a collaboration between New York’s Interior Architects and Bill Galusha. Galusha’s team included help from, RMI, Dan Moore, and Hyphen Labs.

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