Ikea’s Latest Hack? Customizable Furniture In The Form Of A Coloring Book

Whether you call them lighthearted anxiety-relieving tools or regressive escapes from reality, coloring books for adults have become a full-fledged craze (and lucrative market for print publishers).

Now Ikea has tapped into the trend by releasing five (free!) downloadable pages that invite you to create your own kaleidoscopic designs in hues the furniture behemoth definitely doesn’t offer on its production line. A polka-dot Poäng chair? Knock yourself out. The vignettes feature place settings, living room furniture, plants, and lighting pieces.

While the most obvious scenario for these pages involves people printing them out for use at home or at work, Ikea ought to consider peppering these throughout its stores to help all those fighting couples destress.

[via Curbed]DB