Adobe Just Launched A Squarespace Competitor Called Portfolio

For anyone looking to create a turnkey, modern, responsive website, Squarespace has been the go-to. But starting today, it’ll get some competition from Adobe’s new easy website creator, Adobe Portfolio.

To be perfectly honest, Portfolio looks more or less identical to Squarespace. Both services feature generic, tasteful templates to crank out new websites in minutes. Both services will host your site and map the custom domain. Squarespace appears to have more layout customization options, while Adobe auto syncs your site with your Behance portfolio. Squarespace provides access to 65 Typekit fonts, while Adobe gives you access to thousands of Typekit fonts.

But the only difference that may matter is that Portfolio is free to Creative Cloud subscribers down the the cheapest package, which provides Photoshop and Lightroom for $10/month. Squarespace itself starts at $8/month. Squarespace is fantastic, sure. But so is scoring two of the most powerful photo editing programs in the world for an extra $2/month on top of domain hosting.

In this regard, pardon us if Portfolio seems more interesting as a business strategy than it does as a platform itself. Because now, any layperson considering building a Squarespace site can be honeypotted into Adobe’s growing subscription network of connected apps.

[via TNW]