The Most Beautiful Dog Houses Come From This South Korean Company

Architecture for dogs is certainly a thing. And while getting a slick modern house is out of reach for most of us, it’s more attainable for our (admittedly spoiled) pets.

The Korean brand Bad Marlon has arguably the coolest modern dog houses out there. Guided by the philosophy of environments “where pets and people exist in harmony with one another,” the company produces creative, minimalist pieces that snap together with magnets.

In terms of houses, there’s the faceted Oshu ($435) that has a gradient of ornamental triangle cut-outs. The Deauville ($375) riffs on a classic A-frame and the Larvik ($350) spots an asymmetrical pitched roof. Beds get the high-design treatment, too, via pieces like the Ravioli ($95) and Marron ($82).

While the scale of these houses and beds is more suited for small dogs than Great Danes, all pet lovers can appreciate their gorgeous design.

[via Dog Milk]

All Photos via Bad MarlonDB