• 01.28.16

There’s Now A Rube Goldberg Machine For Blowing Bubbles

And it’s every bit as magical as you’d think.

Remember plastic swimming pools full of soapy water, flimsy plastic handles, and running streams of bubbles across the lawn? Then you must be ancient. Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find a bubble-blower without a motor and battery compartment, save for a few old-school blowers left over at the dollar store.


Artist Nicholas Hanna has another bubble machine to throw into the mix, and while it’s no Super Miracle Bubble Crystal Bubblator, it might be the most complex yet. Hanna’s bubble blower–excuse me, Bubble Device #2–has motors, pulleys, a metal trough of soapy water, and an industrial fan. When the machine is in action, a looped rope lowers down into the trough and up again, and the fan blows out possibly the longest bubble stream ever made. The video (above) is mesmerizing.

Bubble Device #2 is part of a show at the Taipei Fine Art Museum called The Way Things Go from January 23 to April 17.

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