Living-Room Furniture Gets The Freddy Krueger Treatment

The Austrian artist Erwin Wurm is great at making the stuff of everyday life look like it fell into a wormhole. His 2000 piece Fat Car resembled something out of a Pixar movie. And for the 2011 Venice Biennial, Wurm reconstructed his childhood home in such narrow proportions you’d think you landed inside of a funhouse mirror. Playing with similar themes of dysmorphia, the pieces in his his latest show, Lost, appear as thought your living-room furniture took a nightmarish turn for the worse. Charles and Ray meet Freddy.

Horse (Sideboard), 2015

The show, recently on view at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, features an overstuffed chair that looks as though it’s melting; a barely recognizable refrigerator that resembles a pad of butter; and a lamp shaped like an overturned bucket. Wurm modeled all of the objects in clay before distorting their form by stomping, smashing, or walking on them (the latter method can be seen clearly in the footprints on the torn-up chaise longue). Wurm then cast the deformed pieces in bronze or polyester and painted it. Together, the pieces look like they could have been props on the set of a Grindhouse movie.

Check out the sculptures in all their melted, mottled, and modified glory in the gallery above.MM