Finally, Star Wars Memorabilia For Design Snobs

We all may be children at heart, forever smitten by the fantastical Star Wars universe, but no self-respecting grownup wants to be picking faux Wookie fur out of the prongs of a Bertoia side chair. There must be a better, more tasteful way to embrace the Force in one’s living room than adopting any old Star Wars memorabilia that Walmart stuck in bargain bin.

And finally, we’ve found it. If Pendleton’s $249 Star Wars-themed wool blankets haven’t wooed you yet, then Nendo’s new line, including Star Wars cups, salt & pepper pots, paper weights, and jewelry beads, developed for the Japanese department store Seibu-Sogo, might.

It’s a Star Wars line you might call hautely adorable, thanks to an aesthetic born from a unique geometric approach. Nendo didn’t just cut a slot in Darth Vader’s helmet and call it a piggy bank. The designers actually chose his most iconic form–that concave nose and mouth–and repeated it in 360 degrees around the object. As a result, the piggy bank doesn’t just look like Darth Vader head-on, it looks like Darth Vader from all angles.

Not every character precisely follows suit–Leia, for instance, sports only two buns, and Yoda hasn’t grown a second set of ears–but in aggregate, the approach becomes a workable design language for Nendo’s Star Wars objects to fulfill various household functions because they are able to perform in all directions at once. And if you really think about it, what could be more dorky than that?

[via dezeen]MW