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Bammies: $170 Jammies You Can Go To Work In

Step aside yoga pants, this new clothing line aims to elevate leisure wear to business casual.

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First we had hoodies. Then yoga pants. Continuing the craze for ever more comfortable work duds, now we have Bammies. As the site puts it: Bammies = business + jammies.

Founded by the Miami duo Julia Ford-Carther and Rosario Chozas, Bammies is a collection of mix and match neutrals, woven from natural fibers and soft polyester blends, and loaded with elastic. The garments include a tank top, harem pants, a dress, and even a blazer. And for the most part, you could never tell these pieces are lounge-approved, save for the the Connell Dress, which almost seems to flaunt its past life as a satin bathrobe.

Created as a response to Chozas's own discomfort in her work life, after changing jobs from a casually dressed, creative workplace to a more formal one, Bammies were a way of reconciling creature comforts without scraping the dredges of the athletic-wear barrel.

As for the pajamas part, "You are more than welcome to sleep in them, but that's on you," Ford-Carther says. "Should you go this route, we strongly recommend a shower. Some new undies are probably a good idea as well. And perhaps a fresh swipe of the deodorant…"

So much for living the dream. (Literally.)

Bammies are now on presale with prices starting at $80 and ranging to $170. Having met an undisclosed pre-order goal, now the company is eyeing a men’s line. Expect looks featuring plenty of pit-stained tees and tighty whities.

[via Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson via Twitter]