This Chair Would Only Be Comfortable If You Were On Ecstasy

If you’re used to your furniture sitting silently in the corner of your living room, designer Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli has an unusual proposition for you. Her iridescent French Touch chair comes with its very own mixtape. Featuring artists like Daft Punk, Cassius, and Etienne de Crecy, the playlist provides a reference for the ’90s French house music the chair is mean to visually represent.

Mutzke-Felippelli, who runs the Los Angeles-based design studio Joogii with her husband Diogo, was inspired to design the chair after listening to Daft Punk’s album Alive 1997. The chair is composed of dichroic film applied to CNC-cut acrylic and connected by steel bolts. It’s angled in such a way that when light hits it, luminous colors spread across the legs, seat, and slightly reclined back. According to Mutzke-Felippelli, the chair is meant to represent the way tracks during the ’90s were constructed by layering disco samples with filters to create a distinct sound.

“I interpreted the artists’ layering and filtering method literally, by using the dichroic film, which acts as a beautiful color filter, and applying it to acrylic,” Mutzke-Felippelli says. “Our foremost design consideration was to show off the dichroic effect so we created flat surfaces at every angle.” The result is a lovely, architectural design–though not very comfortable-looking.

According to Mutzke-Felippelli, the chair isn’t really for sitting anyway. “We consider it an art piece,” she says–which is all well and good since you’ll be on your feet dancing to the accompanying mixtape.

While not for sale yet, the French Touch chair will be sold in the coming months on Joogii’s website as a limited edition for $7,500.MM