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The Most Design-Savvy Super Bowl Commercial

Design geeks, ICYMI: Noma Bar's animated spot for cancer research was a cut above the rest.

Amid a deluge of Super Bowl ads filled to the brim with animals (some of a stranger species than others) and celebrity cameos, one commercial stood out last night for its design. The Israeli illustrator and designer Noma Bar created a lovely animation for NewYork-Presbyterian hospital to explain immunotherapy treatment.

In Unmasking A Killer, Bar takes a complex topic—how cancer affects the body, and what immunotherapy can do to stop it—and beautifully distills it down to a 60-second animation. Take a look:

We'd expect nothing less from Bar, who is best known for his simple, sharp editorial illustrations and book and magazine covers. When it comes to creating a simple, thoughtful, well-designed Super Bowl commercial, he took home the trophy. And we can think of a few that could learn from him.