• 02.16.16

Messy Playroom? This See-Through Chair Does Double Duty As A Toy Box

Italian designer Carlo Contin has an ingenious fix for the messy playroom dilemma.

Chairs often unintentionally end up as ad-hoc storage. One busy week, and they’re suddenly buried under jackets, hats, bags, and if kids are involved, lots and lots of toys. Rather than fight against a chair’s inevitable dual functionality, industrial designer Carlo Contin has decided to embrace it with a chair that doubles as a toy box.


The “Mom” chair is a kid-sized acrylic seat with an opening on top where kids can drop their toys. It makes the dreaded toy clean-up exceedingly simple–and looks damn good to boot–but the true genius is in its transparency. Unlike opaque storage systems, toys can be easily spotted and dug out from within its clear walls. Wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around the house–and to top it off, the acrylic can be easily cleaned, so kids can draw on it with washable marker and parents can clean it right off.

It’s the ideal addition to any plastic playroom furniture set, and from an industrial design perspective, it’s a pretty slick way to make a piece of children’s furniture into an adaptable, ever-morphing utility. If only it came in adult sizes, it would make a handsome hamper, too. At the moment, the chair only exists in prototype as Contin searches for a manufacturer. In the meantime, see more of Carlo Contin’s work here.

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