Oh My God, This Giant Cake Maze Is Perfect

In downtown L.A., artists Scott Hove and Keith Magruder have meticulously festooned a cavernous 9,000-square-foot gallery with frosting and floor-to-ceiling cakes—yes, CAKE in all its carb-loaded glory.

Dubbed Break Bread L.A., the installation is part sculpture and part temporary event space for pop-up dinners, theatrical performances, and comedy shows. (While it’s free to explore the maze, the events are ticketed.)

At first glance, the space appears to be a benign Candyland—but look closer and you’ll see morbid details that offset any saccharine sentiments. Hove explains in a video about the project: “To contrast that ‘bougie’ cake look, I collect items that have an inherent violence, but beauty at the same time. That’s why I choose things like switchblades, wolf jaws, and leopard jaws. Even though they are plastic, they possess a real fierce quality that affects us on a very deep level.” Marie Antoinette, meet The Warriors.

On one level it’s an obvious metaphor for the dark and light that exists within us, Hove says, but I suspect seeing animal teeth embedded in the walls prevents people from surreptitiously sneaking samples.

Catch Break Bread L.A. at Think Tank before it closes on March 12, 2016.

[via LAist]

All Photos: via Break Bread LA