A Foolproof Way To Keep Track Of Your Pens

All hail the power of magnets.

How to bring order to a cluttered, disorganized, pen-strewn desk? It’s a question that has inspired many a design for desk organizers, pen holders, and drawer dividers–but for product designer Noam Bar Yohai, throwing one more object into the mix seemed illogical. His solution? Magnatips, a set of pens embedded with magnets that can organize themselves.


Bar Yohai, who runs the London-based studio Typica, says the patent-pending design was born out of the idea that well-designed products should make things simpler, not more complex. “It goes back to the logic that if you always have to put a case on a cell phone to protect it, the phone itself is not well-designed,” says Bar Yohai. “You shouldn’t need an extra object. With magnets, the pens take on a life of their own.”

After testing various types of magnets, Bar Yohai settled on two super strong Neodymium magnets positioned inside the top and bottom of each pen. Magnatips snap together effortlessly to form various shapes–a line, a triangle or even a cylinder that can house your other pens. They’re also refillable, and with a fine-liner fiber tip they’re ideal for creative professionals or the growing cadre of adult coloring book devotees. In the future, Bar Yohai hopes to expand the line to include a felt tip version that kids could use.

For now, Magnatips are raising funds on Kickstarter and are available for £24 ($26) a set. If the project is funded, Bar Yohai plans to sell them on his site, where he expects they’ll retail for around $49.

About the author

Meg Miller is an associate editor at Co.Design covering art, technology, and design.