Check How The Impending Climate Apocalypse Is Changing Your City

The temperature is rising across the globe–but how quickly is it climbing in your own town?

Check How The Impending Climate Apocalypse Is Changing Your City
Photo: Songquan Deng via Shutterstock

We all heard that 2015 was the hottest year on record, but how much hotter was it than the norm? That depends. If you live in New York, the temperature was an astounding 2.2 degrees higher than usual throughout the year. If you lived anywhere else, just type your city into this interactive visualization built by the New York Times to find out.

See the interactive graphic hereNew York Times

Aside from the apocalyptic cocktail trivia, there’s a lot to love about this viz. The one-year temperature timeline is bent like a long grey spine, which shows the record highs and lows. The relevant part to you–2015–appears as a maroon overlay, with each of its own record highs marked with an arrow. The effect of including both streams of data is that you have a baseline to the Earth’s mercurial freakout.

Even though the key takeaway–the actual degree change of the city–could be featured in a larger font that’s capable of cutting through the rest of the page, it’s still a simple, clear visualization that’s sure to leave you depressed. You’re welcome!

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