Uber’s New Head Of Product Design Is Flipboard’s Marcos Weskamp

The former head of design at Flipboard is now driving Uber’s UX.

Uber’s New Head Of Product Design Is Flipboard’s Marcos Weskamp

It’s been a tumultuous month at Uber. The company unveiled its controversial new branding earlier this February, just as the company’s head of design, Andrew Crow, quietly stepped down. Meanwhile, sources say that Uber has hired Marcos Weskamp who was named to Fast Company‘s Most Creative People in 2011. Weskamp’s LinkedIn profile confirms that he joined the company as Head of Product Design in January.

Weskamp hails from Flipboard, where he led design and was foundational in re-imagining the RSS feed as a more beautiful, animated experience. Before that, he worked at Adobe and launched the influential news aggregator Newsmap.


By the nature of slightly different titles (Weskamp is Head of Product Design while Crow was simply Head of Design) it’s unclear whether Weskamp is outright replacing Crow, or if he’s come to the company in a slightly different capacity. Shalin Amin, who spearheaded the rebranding with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, is still listed as Director of Design, Product, and Brand Experience on LinkedIn.

Either way, Weskamp’s experience in building Flipboard seems more than mineable for insight into Uber’s ambitious growth plans. While Uber’s app is essentially a map with a car-calling button today, that experience will surely evolve as the company pursues initiatives like food delivery. And Weskamp, who so successfully transformed a stream of bland blog posts into an enticing digital magazine at Flipboard, seems like the perfect person to turn Uber’s multifaceted ambitions into a coherent user experience.


We’ve reached out to Uber and Weskamp to confirm the news and will update the story if they do.

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