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The Best Beige Sweater Bags From Amazon's Secret Fashion Label

The e-commerce giant's private fashion label is here and it's...very beige. We combed through the offerings so you don't have to.

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Today we got a first glimpse at Amazon 's private fashion label rumored to be underway last week. The e-commerce behemoth quietly rolled out seven separate brands for both men and women. Despite boutique-sounding names—Lark & Ro, Scout + Ro, James & Erin, Franklin & Freeman—the styles are a bit...underwhelming. Beige bags abound. Polyester percentages are high. There are only so many sweater ponchos (turtle-necked or not) one woman can own.

In other words, the brands are a similar to what you would expect to find in a Kohl's or T.J. Maxx or Target—which makes sense if you consider that Amazon is essentially the big box store of e-commerce. See our gallery for the priciest beige threads on offer. (Okay there's some gray and brown, too.)

All Photos: via Amazon