Shigeru Ban Designed The Ultimate Ballpoint Pen For Architects

Today’s architect is more likely to create building plans on a computer than on paper, even though hand drawing is still alive and well amongst today’s most well-known designers.

Still, there was a time where draftsmen whipped out their pencils and trusty architect’s scale to compose technical drawings of the utmost precision. Now Shigeru Ban, the Japanese architect renowned for his disaster-relief structures, is indulging in a bit of nostalgia for that era with a pen he designed for architects.

The refillable, retractable ballpoint pen and ruler combo serves as its own three-sided scale ruler. Each aluminum face has six different scales, so it’s just as functional as a conventional scale ruler–even if you never have to measure down to 1/8th of an inch.

Designed for the pen maker ACME Studios, you can purchase one from Cooper Hewitt for $90. Need a notebook to go with it? We suggest one of these designer favorites.

[via Design Milk]

Photos: via Acme StudioDB