• 03.04.16

Photo Essay: NYC’s Controversial New $4 Billion Transit Hub

Fast Company photographer Celine Grouard catches New York’s new transit hub before the commuters rush in.

Architect Santiago Calatrava’s soaring World Trade Center Transportation Hub opened in downtown New York yesterday. Derided for running over schedule and nearly $2 billion over budget, the skeletal “standing rib roast” of a train station is nevertheless a sui generis addition to Manhattan’s skyline and will doubtless serve the city for many years, if for no other reason than to give New Yorkers another thing to complain about.


Fast Company photographer Celine Grouard wanted to capture the transit hub prior to its public opening, in those unhurried moments before 50,000 pairs of shoes start scuffing up the floors each day. Here’s the virgin space as it appeared yesterday–and will never appear again.

All Photos: Celine Grouard for Fast Company

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