Forget The Standing Desk: This Office Chair Turns Your Jitters Into Electricity

They say a standing desk can add a decade to your life. But if you’re one of my fellow ticking time-bombs of nervous energy, even sitting in a chair could have some health benefits, too. Even better? With the right office equipment, your idle fidgeting can power your gadgets.

Moov is a chair from furniture designer Nathalie Teugels. When a rapidly vibrating fidgeter sits down on the Moov, it starts cranking out juice by harnessing the power of 288 piezoelectric crystals embedded in the frame, which generate electricity in response to pressure, as Core77 recently wrote.

The more a sitter jams, quavers, or shakes, the more juice the Moov pumps out of a USB port in the arm rest, which can be used to power an iPhone, an iPad, or any other gadget.

According to Teugels, the idea for the Moov came from her own experiences with ADHD. “My goal is to change negative ideas about people who cannot sit still into a positive approach by creating [useful] energy”, she says.

As a bundle of raw nervous energy at the best of times, I’d love to buy the Moov. Sadly, though, the prototype is a one-off student project–at least for now. Too bad. If Ikea made this, I could generate my home’s electricity for a month in the time it took to write this post.JB