Bradford Shellhammer’s Next Project: Curating eBay

Shellhammer is heading to eBay’s innovation team, where he’ll focus on curating the online auction site.

Bradford Shellhammer’s Next Project: Curating eBay

Bradford Shellhammer, the co-founder of and founder of Bezar, announced yesterday that he is joining eBay’s innovation team where he will be spearheading merchandising and curation.

“My role at eBay will be focused on building new initiatives within the company, centered around telling stories, spotting trends, curating unique goods, and delighting customers,” he wrote on an Instagram post. “eBay was the first online place I ever shopped. I am thrilled to be part of the team.”

A serial entrepreneur, Shellhammer has launched several ventures–and departed somewhat abruptly–over the last few years. After, he launched his own design consultancy and designer e-commerce site Bezar, which he sold to AHALife after signs of financial trouble earlier this year.

The bigger challenge with startup marketplaces centered on design is that, while they feature tight curation, it’s challenging to compete with the big guys, like Amazon and eBay. In turn, those legacy companies are working out how they can establish their own curatorial point of view. So far, they’ve netted underwhelming results like Amazon’s private fashion label. But with Shellhammer’s eccentric design sense and deep industry knowledge, eBay could build a meaningful design brand.

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