The Moon’s Orbit Inspired This Gorgeous Table Lamp

A little bit of outer space for terrestrial living.

As the moon orbits Earth, it gradually changes shape based on its relative position and how it reflects the sun. Designer Moritz Putzier thought, why not translate the waxing and waning silhouettes into a lunar-inspired light source?


Illuminated by an LED bulb, the Inti is composed of two portions: a funnel-shaped base and detached, spherical shade that’s half transparent glass and half opaque. Lovely as it is, the design is also quite practical: You rotate the shade by hand to brighten or dim the light and achieve the right mood-setting glow.

“The functional idea I had in mind was to use a reflective sphere that could be manually rotated,” Putzier says. “When I started to make the first mockups, the reflection reminded me all of a sudden to the different moon phases. I really liked this visual connection to a natural phenomenon that came to my mind by accident.”

The lamp is currently a prototype and Putzier is seeking a manufacturer.

[Photos: Caspar Sessler via Studio Moritz

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Diana Budds is a New York–based writer covering design and the built environment.