A Stylish, Compact Handbag Perfect For Obsessive Minimalists

Created by an architect and graphic designer who know the type.

There’s a case to be made for the vacuous oversized sack bag and the convenience of lugging around half your worldly possessions. But for a certain personality type (A), the disorganization inherent in a Mary Poppins-esque tote–not to mention the back problems that follow–can start to outweigh the benefits.


That’s why architect Terri Lee and her aunt, graphic designer Sanshin Liu launched GoFish, a new line of stylish, minimal and compact handbags. Both avid travelers and design professionals, the pair felt the need for a functional, durable handbag that is fashionable to carry and simple to maintain. The current line features three styles–the Ain wristlet ($68), the Allyn folder ($188) and the Ellwood crossbody bag ($264)–all two-paneled and made from high-grade polyurethane, vinyl, and polyester. Notably, the designers eschew leather, opting instead for materials that are more sustainable to produce and easier to clean.

Outwardly, the bags are both sleek and versatile, with clean lines and a minimal embellishment. And with very little upkeep, the inside will be clean and orderly, too–perfect for the slightly obsessive minimalist. Know anyone who fits the bill?

About the author

Meg Miller is an associate editor at Co.Design covering art, technology, and design.