Want To Add Value To Your Home? Decorate Like A Farmer

Statistics don’t lie: barn doors, shaker cabinets, and other rustic-chic cliches can up the price of your apartment.

Want To Add Value To Your Home? Decorate Like A Farmer
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Just when you thought the trend of channeling rotting farmhouses in tiny urban apartments was on its way out, Zillow proves you wrong: According to a study by the online real estate database, listings mentioning keywords like “barn door,” “shaker cabinets,” or “farmhouse sink,” sell faster than other listings–and for up to 13% more than the original listing price.

via Zillow

For the study, Zillow analyzed listing descriptions from over 2 million homes nationwide sold between January 2014 and March 2016. It scanned for 60 popular keywords, ranging from decorative “barn doors”–those large sliding doors often used for bathroom doors or room separators–to more practical items like “stainless steel” and “granite.” The results are listed according to percentage of searches in a given location–“outdoor kitchens,” for instance, are popular in sunny Tampa–with a separate column that lists how much faster than expected the place sold for. A glance through the list reads like a brief recent history of home-decor cliches: “exposed brick” (NYC) obviously makes the cut, as do “craftsman” (Seattle) and “subway tile” (Philadelphia).

Topping the list? The rustic “Barn Door” (Phoenix), “Shaker Cabinet” (L.A.) and “Farmhouse Sink” (L.A.). It’s almost like these people don’t want to be living in a city.

You can find the full survey here.

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