The 30,699 Shots Of Kobe Bryant, Charted

Just don’t mention his 2014-16 field goal percentage.

The 30,699 Shots Of Kobe Bryant, Charted
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Eminem has said, “you only get one shot.” But in this interactive data viz by the Los Angeles Times, made as tribute to Kobe Bryant’s 60-point final game last night, we see that Bryant actually took 30,699 shots in his career. And they plotted every one, minus the free throws.

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It’s remarkably hard to spot any clear trends–which was probably Bryant’s biggest asset as a player. He had a slight preference for the right side over the left, and he managed to shoot an impressive 18% in the dead center (with a lot of success). But really, Bryant was a player who took a lot of shots, from pretty much anywhere–except for a very perfect arc that exists a foot in front of the three-point line.

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