Domino’s Clever New Pizza Boxes Are Designed For Sharing (On Instagram)

Domino’s U.K released a bold brand refresh for their pizza boxes, and they’re designed to cut through the noise of social media.

Domino’s is booming internationally, and has regularly invested in new ideas since turning around its business in 2010.


The latest development? Directly translating the company’s logo, which features one red and one blue domino, into two pizza boxes that are literally one red and one blue domino for Domino’s U.K.

Most branding and packaging designs require intense iteration—dozens of concepts whittled down to one or two that actually work. Creative Director Sean Thomas—who led the project for design agency JKR—tells us it was a near instantaneous decision.

“We all sat in the room thinking what’s our angle, and as we were doing research on the brand, they said, ‘There is this one problem, every time you buy Domino’s you get two boxes pretty much instead of one,’” Thomas says. “Lee [Rolston] and I looked at each other and knew that was the project. We both, pretty much at the same time, drew two boxes, with a 1 and a 2. That was it.”

The branding logic was perfect. Domino’s pizza became a logo, delivered. But the even greater appeal to JKR was that, on social media, the logo box became a high-contrast advertisement.

“The logo is a really distinctive, bold logo,” Thomas says. “[So] in the original pitch we showed the idea on Instagram, and we said, ‘If every consumer gets two boxes and takes a photo of it, you can pretty much use social media to do your advertising for you.'”

Domino’s greenlit the idea, but implementing it wasn’t easy. Consider that most pizza boxes are simple cardboard with a minimal, low-quality logo printed on top. JKR was proposing a series of boxes with bright, end-to-end color. The pizza company had to invest in a new box-manufacturing process. Meanwhile, JKR had to test that the ink wouldn’t distort or bleed under the stress of a hot pizza.


Even now, Domino’s U.K. is doing a slow rollout on the new boxes to ensure nothing goes wrong. But given the positive response public response–Thomas says the buzz is unlike anything he’s seen in 15 years, and he’s designed for clients like Coca-Cola and Budweiser–Domino’s would be missing an opportunity if it released the packaging only in the U.K. “Hopefully, we’ll see it all around the globe soon,” Thomas says.

All Images: via JKR

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