5 Transformable Furnishings For Small Spaces

At the Milan Furniture Fair, perennial Co.Design favorite Campeggi unveiled five new designs that transform or pack flat–a trend that responds to swelling numbers of urban residents who demand multi-functional pieces for smaller abodes.

The Slalom by Giulio Manzoni can be used as a sofa and quickly rearranged to become a bed. It’s easier to manage than clunky pull-outs—and more handsome to boot. Plus, the two-part piece can be reconfigured to become a sectional or used as two separate seats.

Also by Manzoni is Lieve, a coffee table that pops up into an armchair.

Designer Emanuele Magini created the Yoda, a high-backed armchair whose upholstered seat pulls out to become a chair. The chair back then folds down to become a desk. Voila–instant writing station.

The Tou by Sakura Adachi is a beanbag chair that cleverly unzips to become a futon and holds a blanket and pillow.

Denis Santachiara designed the inflatable Ca.Mia bed that folds down into the size of a small suitcase for easy storage. While its mesh top won’t do much to protect campers from rain, it’ll keep bugs at bay.

We’ll update the post with pricing when it becomes available. Visit for more.DB