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Moleskine Builds "Game Of Thrones" Set Out Of 7,600 Sheets Of Paper

We may be approaching peak Moleskine right in step with peak Game of Thrones.

As spotted by Designboom, Moleskine has released a collection of limited-edition Game of Thrones notebooks. And to mark the occasion, the company hired Dadomani Studios—known for elaborate stop-motion commercials made in clay and paper—to produce this recreation of King’s Landing as seen in HBO’s opening credits.

It’s all a bit meta. Here we have a paper book company, referencing a TV show, that’s really referencing a paper book. But don’t think too deeply about it. Watch the clip. Say to yourself, "words are wind, and that’s just a bunch of computer generated graphics." And then watch the making-of clip below to feel guilty for ever doubting the insane effort that went into this 40-second spot.