Moleskine Builds “Game Of Thrones” Set Out Of 7,600 Sheets Of Paper

To promote their new Game of Thrones notebooks, Moleskine commissioned a beautiful stop-motion homage to the land of Westeros.

We may be approaching peak Moleskine right in step with peak Game of Thrones.


As spotted by Designboom, Moleskine has released a collection of limited-edition Game of Thrones notebooks. And to mark the occasion, the company hired Dadomani Studios–known for elaborate stop-motion commercials made in clay and paper–to produce this recreation of King’s Landing as seen in HBO’s opening credits.

It’s all a bit meta. Here we have a paper book company, referencing a TV show, that’s really referencing a paper book. But don’t think too deeply about it. Watch the clip. Say to yourself, “words are wind, and that’s just a bunch of computer generated graphics.” And then watch the making-of clip below to feel guilty for ever doubting the insane effort that went into this 40-second spot.

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