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A Good-Looking Solution To The Bike Commuter's Conundrum

The L.A. startup Jaar updates the bicycle frame bag—and it's a beaut.

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By now, we all know the benefits of commuting by bike. Better for your body, easier on the environment, plus it's pretty fun to fly through gridlocked streets. But there's one caveat: Carrying along everything you need for work is a logistical challenge—not to mention a stylistic conundrum.

Backpacks, good as they are for all-purpose use, leave you sweaty and give you a higher center of gravity. Messenger bags tend to slide around. The other option is a pannier—a bag that's slung over the back of a bike—which is usually too bulky to bring with you into a meeting and requires extra hardware to hold it.

Jaar, a startup based in L.A., has a solution: a compact bag that hangs over your bike's crossbar.

The LA001—which launched on Kickstarter for $275 each—is made from water-resistant waxed canvas and has vegetable-tanned leather handles and straps and wool felt lining. It's large enough to hold a laptop, book, wallet, sunglasses, and more. When it's not hitched to a bike, it carries like a briefcase. And in the words of the designers, it "keeps you looking sexy." Now how about a handsome helmet to match?