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Explore The Seinfeld Universe In This Chart About Nothing

Mimbos. Anti-dentites. Close talkers. Sponge-worthy men, and women with Shiksappeal. These are the characters of Seinfeld.

Explore The Seinfeld Universe In This Chart About Nothing
All Images: via Pop Chart Lab

For a show about nothing, Seinfeld introduce us to an incredibly diverse universe of vain, weird, and colorful New Yorkers, as seen through the judgemental eyes of its four main characters: Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. So for its latest infographic, Brooklyn-based poster house Pop Chart Lab opted to map out every character on Seinfeld, showing exactly how they are connected.

“A Chart About Nothing: The Connected Characters Of Seinfeld” contains simple line drawing illustrations of over 230 Seinfeld characters, including Frank Costanza, the Maestro, Joe Davola, the Soup Nazi, Newman, Mickey, and more. Around each locket-style portrait is a color coded wheel which shows how they connect to the main characters and other secondary characters on the show.

It’s not actually very sophisticated; I think we could even say it’s one of Pop Chart’s lazier infographics, aimed at appeasing die-hard fans instead of actually sharing insights about its subject matter. Even so, in a way, A Chart About Nothing’s total lack of ambition perfectly suits its choice of subject matter. You can preorder it now on Pop Chart’s site for just $35.

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