New Design Incubator Will Have You Building A Shippable Gadget In 8 Weeks

The product development company Nascent has launched a new hardware incubator aimed at helping designers bring gadgets to market in just eight weeks. The typical product development process takes 6 to 12 months.

Nascent is the startup behind Nascent Objects, a Lego-like system of modules that can be combined and recombined to bring new gadgets to market quickly. Nascent has released three products so far: a water tracker by the prominent design firm Ammunition, a security camera, and a Wi-Fi speaker.

From a designer’s perspective, the advantage of using Nascent’s tools is that the modules are plug-and-play, and include everything from cameras and speakers to accelerometers and LED arrays. So if you have an idea for a product, you don’t need to design the hardware from scratch. You just use the Nascent software to tie the components together, and slap them in a 3-D printed housing, called a Shape. As for consumers: Once they buy a few Nascent-powered gadgets, they can actually break out the modules and recombine them into totally new products.

Of course, right now, there aren’t many Nascent products on the market. But this incubator could change that. Successful applicants will take part in an eight-week program that will include access to the Nascent manufacturing platform, as well as experts from Ammunition on how to bring products to market. The incubator is open to both individuals and teams, and is also designed to accommodate remote participants.

If you’ve got an idea for a gadget you’re trying to get off the ground, try applying here. We’re eager to see what Nascent is capable of when the platform reaches critical mass.

Photos: via Ammunition