Architectural Aquariums So Gorgeous, You Won’t Miss Your Dead Goldfish

In the realm of architecture for pets, designers have dogs and cats more than covered. But what about fish? Haruka Misawa, a Japanese designer based in Tokyo, is on it.

A protégé of celebrated designer Kenya Hara–Muji’s creative director–and a Nendo alum, Misawa created a series of sublime and Spartan Waterscapes that flirt with buoyancy–the upward force from liquid that causes objects to float. For example, a transparent bubble within one tank hovers in place and holds aquatic plants. Precarious top-heavy pieces that look like dandelions stand stick straight, as do intricate lattice-like structures.

“Underneath the surface of water is a unique environment that exudes an energy [that] is completely opposite from that which is surrounded by air,” Misawa writes in a book about the project. “The inner space of this fish tank is created by combining two simple elements of container and water, with an extraordinary world created that differs from the world with air . . . delicate structures that are prone to damage caused by their own weight on land are able to maintain a stable state because of the relative force of gravity and buoyancy.”

The designs are just prototypes for now, but whether you have goldfish swimming around in one or not, Misawa’s work certainly makes the life aquatic look enticing.

All Images: via Misawa Design Institute