Here’s A $5K Bar Cart That’ll Let You Booze At Work In Stealth

The Swiss furniture company USM has worked with hot-shot mixologists from around NYC to create the ultimate bar carts.

Founded in 1961, USM sells a modular system based on a chrome ball joint that connects with metal rods to create a framework for drawers, shelves, worktops–you name it. Since the furniture can be customized within a standard visual language, it’s a natural fit for persnickety offices.

So in addition to having lots of functional details–like drawers for ice, cubbies for glassware, organizers for bar tools, shelves for recipe books, built-in cutting boards–USM’s barcarts can stealthily sit next to a file cabinet.

The bar carts were unveiled during New York design week and cost between $3,778 and $5,466. The next startup office status symbol?

See more in the slide show above.

All Photos: Lauren ColemanDB