• 05.20.16

A Giant Morphing Head Visualizes Franz Kafka’s Dark Psyche

This is twisted.

Currently at the center of Prague’s Quadrio shopping center, an enormous mirrored bust of Franz Kafka can be seen spinning in a constant state of metamorphosis. Every few seconds, the sculpture splits into 42 layers, rotates, and then converges into the Czech author’s likeness, before repeating over again.


The 35-foot-tall sculpture is the work of David Černý, a Czech artist known for his witty and subversive public artworks. Over the past year, Černý and a crew of 20 to 30 people worked to create the sculpture, which rotates thanks to Internet-connected motors that control the layered pieces independently of each other. Černý notes that it’s located outside of Prague’s City Hall, and the spinning parts reflect a building full of Kafka-esque bureaucracy.

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