• 05.24.16

The Simpsons Burn Ikea In Epic Couch Gag

It’s okay. We’ve all been there, Homer.

For people who have faced the darkest demons of their own domesticity–their willingness to forsake the endless splendor of the natural world for three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a reasonably manicured cul-de-sac; their own consolations as a wild primate to be caged in exchange for the sense of security that can only be provided by a Target rug, vinyl siding, and maybe an ADT home monitoring system; their own secret idolization of celebri-homemakers like Martha Stewart that snags a deep yarn of self-loathing which, once unraveled by psychoanalysis, alcoholism, or meticulously coordinated dad dinner nights, couldn’t be stitched back by Marie Kondo herself–for any and all of these people, there’s this wonderful Simpsons couch gag about building an IKEA couch, timed perfectly for the cold sweats of adulthood.

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