The Adult Coloring Book Trend Gets A Very Violent Parody

Modern Toss is a decade-old British cult comic by Jon Link and Mike Bunnage that is defined by its artists’ misanthropic humor and a grubby art style, which looks like an anarchist’s doodle book. It’s not a style that would seemingly lend itself to the trappings of an adult coloring book, but Link and Bunnage have still figured out a way to adapt their unique sense of humor to today’s mindfulness trend–with The Mindless Violence Coloring Book.

If the title didn’t already clue you in to what scenes you’ll be coloring in the slim 64-page volume, the official blurb will. “Achieve a mindful state as you color in these adrenalin-soaked scenes of mindless violence, created for you by a dedicated team of plain clothes therapists.” Monochrome scenes in the book include “a man bending a lamppost; a woman setting about a fruit tree with a baseball bat; some blokes fighting over a parking space,” and more.

Despite the orgy of violence on display, little of it is of the artery-spattering variety, so adding blood to the scenes in question is purely optional. Most of the scenes in the Mindless Violence Coloring Book have an almost dadaist quality to them, as men kick each other in the groin, strangle an inflatable floppy man, chase each other with cricket bats, and speed bag bird houses.

The ultimate sign of a design trend hitting its peak is the emergence of the inevitable mocking parody, presented without commentary. So in case you didn’t think we’d already reached peak coloring book, consider it now official. You can purchase the Mindless Violence Coloring Book from Modern Toss for around $16 here.