IKEA’s New Ads Are Straight Out Of An Ingmar Bergman Film

IKEA’s Swedish sensibility usually lends itself to cheery, colorful ads, but to advertise its new Sinnerlig collection, the flat pack mega-retailer is going noir.

The new campaign was done by commercial production agency RBG6. RBG6 shot the Sinnerlig chair and pitcher in darkened rooms to emphasize their clean geometric lines and focused on how they cast shadows when basked in high-contrast beams of light.

The result is something quintessentially Swedish: an exploration of penumbra and illumination that almost feels like it was plucked right out of an Ingmar Bergman film–albeit, something from the Swedish auteur’s filmography that is less miserablist than Rites of Spring or Seven Seals. Smiles of a Summer Night, perhaps?

All Images: via RBG6