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To Master Branding, “Build Patterns Not Stamps”

Moving Brands’ Jonny Naismith explains why a static logo isn’t enough any more.

To Master Branding, “Build Patterns Not Stamps”

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Since 2008, diary-loving Jonny Naismith has been design director of Moving Brands‘ New York office, helping countless clients create or invigorate their brands.

Here, Naismith discusses how his client work with companies has increasingly evolved away from what we traditionally think of as “brands.” These days, he argues, a brand is more than just a logo, but the way a company moves and reacts to its customers. As case studies, Naismith presents his work with the telecom Swisscom, for whom Moving Brands created a constantly evolving logomark driven by code, and BBC’s Newsbeat, which uses an animation system to emphasize a news source that is constantly “beating” like a stereo’s graphic equalizer.

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