Hate Furniture Shopping? Here’s An All-In-One Living Room

Apartments aren’t getting any bigger and, as a recent report from Ikea reveals, dwellings filled with space-hogging clutter are turning us into neurotic minimalists. The solution? Furnishings that let us do more with much less.

The Hungarian design brand Hannabi–which has its roots as a bespoke sofa maker–just released a clever fleet of furniture called Urban Nomad that fits the bill. Tables, cushions, trays, and seating elements comprise the collection, and they’re designed to have measurements that make them reconfigurable depending on what you desire. Moreover, since the pieces are relatively small, there’s no need to resort to acrobatics when moving.

The meatiest piece in the furniture landscape is the Urban Nomad Combination, a sofa that pulls apart to become two beds. Pyramid-shaped movable backrests can turn the sofa into a chaise or you can use them as armrests or on the floor to accommodate guests. Hannabi created a pair of low tables; the smaller of the two has the same depth as the seating cushions so you can stack them if needed. Think of the entire series as a Leatherman or Swiss Army knife–the multi-functional pieces can be adapted to become the right tool for the job. Never melt down at Ikea again.

Find the Urban Nomad collection Prices range from about $70 for a tray to $2,500 for the sofa.

All Images: via HannabiDB