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Type Is The Most Important Element Of Your Company's Brand

Type designer Bruno Maag argues that type, not a logo, is the most important aspect of any great brand.

"Type is your brand," says type legend Bruno Maag, founder of font studio Dalton Maag.

Sure, he's biased. As a font designer with a career spanning over 25 years, Maag has worked for The New Yorker, Monotype, Nokia, and most recently, Amazon, for whom he helped create the Kindle's new Bookerly font. So it's in his best interest to say that.

But Maag has a point. In this video—a partnership between Co.Design and the Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt—Maag argues that the Roman Empire was not geopolitically sustainable, but thanks to great branding, its type has survived 2,000 years. Heck, it's the basis of some of the most iconic typefaces out there.