• 06.28.16

7,000 Broomsticks Make Up This Technicolor-Dream Ceiling

Guadalajara-based design studio Estudio Ala gives this nail salon a splash of color from up above.

The best part of most nail salons is the reception area, where a wall lined with rows and rows of carefully arranged nail polish beckons you to consider your options. Aruba Blue or Midnight Cami? Watermelon or Splash of Grenadine? Grouped by their likeness, the nail colors ripple out in an ombre of pinks, reds, purples, and blues.


A salon called Nail It in Zapopan, Mexico, has recreated a similar experience on its ceiling. In an otherwise starkly white space, the Guadalajara-based design firm Estudio Ala transformed the space overhead into a blanket of color. Though it adopts a palette typical to nail polish, these are in fact broomsticks–7,000 to be exact–hanging down from the ceiling like rainbow-hued stalactites.

Frame magazine spoke with industrial designer Armida Fernández, a co-founder of the multidisciplinary studio with architect Luis Enrique Flores, who says they arranged the sticks in four color blocks going from warm to cooler tones. The broomsticks were damaged in production, so they recycled the defected ones by painting them pink, purple, blue, and aqua. They then mounted the rods on the ceiling by fastening them to wooden OSB panels with eyebolts. Underneath, the rest of the salon is bright white and glossy, barring a small waiting area behind the reception desk–and of course, the rows of nail polish lining the walls.

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